First Official Blog Post-

Last updated on January 29th, 2018

Hello all!

Finally after one whole week of tweaking, theming, moving, copying, pasting and setting up this new domain, I am still alive and kicking stronger than ever to guarantee my readers a much more smooth and easy browsing of my blog!

Although the mobile theme might need more adjustments, I believe the desktop theme is almost perfection 🙂
Being my beloved interest, I just couldn’t stop improving this site while getting my hands dirty on all the MYSQL, CSS, HTML, PHP stuffs.

Nonetheless, please do comment or contact me if you found any bug or improvements I should make to make this a much better site for you and other readers too! I will try my best to fix them to my ability!

Guess this is all for now. Since I will have to reset my subscribers count, I really appreciate if you could subscribe to this blog via email! Every reader counts for me. (Plus you could customise your delivery settings too!)

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