Revamping Blog with Newfound Purpose and Vision

Hello all!

Firstly to those that have followed my blog up, you should have gotten your exclusive newsletter #1 with the special content that I hope it’s worth the subscription and hope you enjoyed it. Don’t worry if you’d missed this, there will be more surprises to come! 🙂

Secondly I would be revamping my entire blog not only most of the back-end interface which is a hell of a work to do, I will also be metamorphosing the purpose and vision of this blog towards a better path which would directly reflect on my future blog postings. Not to worry as this is and will always be a finance related blog.

As a hint to those who requires it for the time being, the tagline for my new vision will be ‘What is a rich life to you?’. Yeap, that’s all I will say 😉

People change, so does mindset.

Having finally found the things that I have always felt missing in my sharings, I sincerely hope my each one of you will have my back- I need your support this time.

This blog and me have came a long way, and there is still a long way for us. But I with my newfound my niche here, I still have a lot to learn and experience.
Let’s explore, learn and gain together. Not forgetting to dream big too. 🙂

The Independent Abecedarian
P.S. Please note that there might some broken links for today as I am exhausted from doing these back-end stuffs for the whole day. I will fix them by tomorrow. And don’t worry, I will surely compensate you guys for your inconvenience. Catch you with later in my next newsletter! 😉


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