First Cash Dividends – August 2014

Hi all,

With regards to my first Blue Chip investment on July, I received two distributions of dividends from Singtel and Starhub on August! Cash is king; so I guess cash dividends is the true king of all types of dividend 🙂

Despite the small amount, I am thrilled as I know this is the start- the grand entrance to the path of life that I been dreaming of.

The next few dividends I am anticipating within the year 2014 are Nikko on October, Starhub on November, SPH and Singtel on December.

The Independent Abecedarian

It’s either you dream big, or nothing!

4 thoughts on “First Cash Dividends – August 2014

    1. Hi Richard,

      I don’t know but it definitely tastes sweet to me! Haha!
      Yes, I am sure that I will be holding these positions for the next 3-5 years so long they provide acceptable dividends and growth! Where I will then start to broaden my market research and analysis without limited to just Singapore Blue Chips 🙂
      Congratulations on having your first dividend cheque man! 😀

      The Independent Abecedarian

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