New Trading Account: Standard Chartered Online Equities

My first post in 2016!

Couldn’t be more proud to let you guys know that I’ve finally opened my new StanChart Online Equities account (and got it working successfully)! I’ve been waiting for more than two years to finally reach the legal age to open one woohoo 🙂

For those unfamiliar with StanChart Online Equities Account, on top of my previous post that you should read on 10 Quick Facts about Standard Chartered before considering an account with them, I’ll leave you to check out Turtle Investor’s remarkable How & Why to open an Online Equities Trading Account guide-post.  :mrgreen:

So here it is, the Beginning of my Trading career :


I’ll be posting up a portfolio sticky within once I’m into a trade. Can’t wait to show it to you guys!

The Independent Abecedarian


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8 thoughts on “New Trading Account: Standard Chartered Online Equities

    1. Hi ,

      Thanks man! Hahaha yea, let’s make this the best year, regardless of what it takes, buying or short-selling! 🙂

      The IA

  1. I don’t think StanChart investment account uses CDP.
    For those who want the safest custodian for your Spore shares, may need to consider above point.

    1. Hello!

      You’re right. As explained by Turtle Investor, stocks purchased with Stanchart equities trading account is held by Stanchart. But it doesn’t matter to most since we’re still able to get privileges of holding that stock like rights issue, stock split/bonus, dividends, etc. The only extra risk is the Stanchart itself.
      On a plus note, all Overseas stocks purchased are not channelled to your personal CDP too as it only take account of SGX shares owned by you. So no difference if you’re using Stanchart or DBS Vickers to purchase an overseas share. It will be purchased under the name of the bank/broker.. Hope this clarifies further for those who’re starting out and thinking of opening a Stanchart account since it really has the lowest cost in town.

      The IA

  2. Hi there,

    I am thinking of starting a standard chartered trading account, but the thing is that i doubt i pass their Customer Assessment Review. as i do not have a record of 6 successful trade execute and do not possess a education in financial field. is there a way out of this? i do not wish to pay for so much commission with others as i am only a small time investor.


    1. Hi Vester,

      Hmm I understand where you’re coming from as I’ve been there and I think I know how to get pass it, legally haha.. No guarantee but I’m sure there shouldn’t be any legit reason they will reject you at all once they are convinced of your ability to trade sensibly. Coming from a guy who loves marketing psychology, I have several pages of notes somewhere in my notebook with ideas (and some small psychological tricks) on how to ‘sell’ my trading skills. Of course I’m presuming you must have some sort of basis and foundation in trading (if not, some knowledge on general finance at least) since you’re here.

      Just for the record, those pages of notes I wrote came from past three years (researching here and then etc) reading all around multiple forum sources, bloggers’ sharings, Broker’s Terms of Use, etc. and I hope it’ll help new traders like yourself!
      To prevent the ideas from being divulged eventually to the broker, let me know your situation through my Contact page and I’ll share with you my story back when I wanted to open my account hahah!

      The IA

  3. A great time to have your StanChart Online Trading account ready! Not implying now is the best time to move, but this year should have plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of!!

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