“One day I’d like to meet someone who is actually rich” by Jeff

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I’ve stumbled upon this article just, written by Jeff Haden and I thought of sharing with you guys as it fits into our goal of achieving a wealthy and a rich life. Once again, the question strikes me…
What is a rich life to me?

From the article:

One day I’d like to meet someone who is actually rich. Sometimes I think I’ve found one but it always turns out I’m wrong. No matter how rich I assumed the person to be… within a few minutes I find out just how poor that person really is.

Take the guy who sold his company for more than $40 million. (Well, actually $100 million in total; $40 million is his share.) I was sure he was rich.

Then he told me how for tax and estate planning purposes he had structured the disbursement of funds over 10 years. So sure, on paper he may be “worth” $40 million, but he only gets around $4 million each year. And despite all that nifty financial planning the taxes are still so high he doesn’t see nearly that much. It’s a bummer.

Or take the guy who just splashed a cool $450 grand on a Lexus LFA with the Nürburgring package. His everyday car is a Porsche 911 Turbo S. I was sure he was rich…

Continue this rewarding 5 minutes read at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141103134657-20017018-i-looked-and-no-one-actually-feels-rich-or-happy

I hope this article will spark something off from you this week! 🙂
With my enlistment to Tekong the day after tomorrow, I wouldn’t be sure when would get the time to give you guys another update but still, Till next time! And wish me luck too haha!

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  1. ha good luck serving the nation, it’s great that you’re this into personal finance and investments at such an early stage of your life. i did a lot of my research and self education in those two years in uniform as well, and never looked back. all the best mate.

  2. Hi, a nice article indeed. I have also shared this article on my blog and a link back to your website to credit it to you. Have a good time at NS 🙂 cheers

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