2017 Goals:

  1. To continue achieve 50% ROI
  2. To start a community to connect novice traders and expert traders
  3. To share monthly tips on which currency to take note for the month
  4. Read 15 books


Ultimate Goals:

  1. To fund manage millions of dollars
  2. To set up a community to connect novices to expert traders
  3. To hit 8 digits net worth by 45
  4. To own my dream car in Singapore
  5. To own my dream house in Singapore
  6. To explore the world with my parents
  7. To motivate a hundred thousand The IA readers to pursue a wealthy and rich life
  8. To give back by angel investing in young startups
  9. To give back by a setting up a non-profit organization to educate financial literacy to young adults
  10. To give back by setting up a non-profit organization to alleviate hunger


Reminder for a WEALTH mindset:

Write down what you want
Envision your future
Affirm your desires
Listen to your inner voice
Take action & transform
Hold strong to the vision