[Motivation] Paying your dues

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Pay the price now or pay the price later, either way you have to pay.
Starting a business is risky. Financial market is risky. Day trading is risky. But you know what? Life itself is risky. There is no guarantee that today is not your last. There is no guarantee that your degree will help you land your dream job. There is no guarantee that by listening in class you will get an A. There is no guarantee that you will not be fired when economy depresses. There is no guarantee that the company you work for will not go bust five years down the road and leave you on your own.
One question to leave you thinking today: Can you prove that life itself isn’t riskier than the risk of the leap of faith you are thinking of taking?
If you can’t, why not take the leap.
– TheIA

2 thoughts on “[Motivation] Paying your dues

  1. The fallacy in your argument is that everything is either a success or an abject failure.

    Clearly the risk of dying is 100%. But the chance of dying tomorrow is way less.

    In all things it is important to assess the risk. Taking blind leaps of faith is a sure way of failing.

    1. Hello Bob!
      You have a really interesting way of reading it. If you look into my written paragraph, you’ll see that I did not use the word ‘failure’. Because with every action, you either earn or you learn. Personally to me, failure is only when one decides to give up on something. The action of giving up shows that you failed on something. But again, not necessary a bad thing either depending of the situation.
      My only motivation to write this chunk is to give a sense of urgency and logic to action taking as I realized that most people have goals but are not taking immediate actions. I was guilty of it as well. Many times. Of course, if you can calculate the risk that comes from the action to be taken, you will be able to access if the decision is a worthy one. But for most, especially those who haven’t stepped out of their comfort zone to take an action, they will use the 0.1% risk (of losing money, etc.) as an excuse to not do it. Also, I believe not everyone will be able to assess risk intelligently.
      These are my thoughts on this. What do you think Bob?
      The IA

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