New Q1Y15 90days Missions vs Old boring New Year Resolutions

Missions.. Quarter goals.. 2015…

Some time ago, I received this article in my mailbox titled ‘Why 90-day goals are better than year-long ones’ and I opened on it. It stated five reasons with examples making me conclude that shorter goals do boost productivity and effectiveness of targets you want to achieve. Because as we all know (or is it only me) that most New Year resolutions are down the waste after some time. Some quit due to lack of discipline, some quit once it gets boring, and some felt that the resolutions did not fit them.

But why 90 days? As explained in the article, 90 days is the right number because it is not too long for me to get bored and lose discipline with while also not too short for legit goals. With quarterly goals, I can easily accomplish more in a year by setting four times amount of goals more than I previously did, resulting in more sense of accomplishments. Also, I could make sure I grow at a steadier rate, instead of trying to rush at the end or leaving me nothing else to do when I’m done before the deadline.

However that being said, this will be a new habit that I’ll need to accustom to.
If you are interested in reading the original article, here is the link:

After realising the benefits of having quarterly goals instead of yearly, I came up with the term ‘missions’ instead of ‘goals’ as the word ‘mission’ gives me a mindset that I’ve to complete it as part of my ‘quest of life’ whereas ‘goal’ felt something like an earned bonus when I hit it. The only bad point this change will result is my stronger disappointment if I did not complete all the missions. Nonetheless the point in life is to learn and grow continuously, right?
For the best of both worlds, I even added my Lifelong missions into the list so I know if I’m always walking towards the right direction with my quarterly missions!

Lifelong Missions:

  1. Do a job that I’m passionate about
  2. Have more than six streams of income
  3. Be an entrepreneur of any kind
  4. Retire before 50
  5. Coach and motivate persons in general
  6. Alleviate hunger and poverty

Q1Y15 Missions:

  1. Increase current income streams
  2. Research, interview and meet entrepreneurs
  3. Start reading up and attend lessons about coaching people
  4. Organize business meetings with people with entrepreneurial dreams
  5. Pass my administrative specialist course and obtain a 3rd Sergeant rank
  6. Save an average of 40% of disposable personal income and donate the rest of savings to FFTH Singapore

That’s it. I am 20 this year.. And from today onwards, I have 30 years to kill myself hard by doing things out of my comfort zone.. If I am still not drop dead by 50, I will make sure I’m living a wealthy and a rich life for my last 30 years!

Even if you are 40 this year, you still got 20 years to kill yourself, which I bet YOU CAN DO IT because of your twice amount of knowledge and experiences compared to me! True? Imagine reaping the rewards of living your last 20 years as a wealthy and a rich person! This isn’t just a dream anymore, it’s a blueprint towards your treasure.
You reading this article, I’m sure you want to live as that person I’m trying to be as well. So stand up now and start doing something, anything that leads you to your dream 🙂
Always think the bright side; Positive thinkings almost always leads to positive things happening

Share and tag your friends or family to remind them to never stop dreaming big, and then take actions to realise them with their own hands. Let’s better ourselves this year than the previous’ guys!

The Independent Abecedarian

6 thoughts on “New Q1Y15 90days Missions vs Old boring New Year Resolutions

  1. Hi TIA

    Still can’t believe that you are only 20 years old.

    You definitely got a long way to go from there if you keep on persisting and will be rewarded handsomely.

    Good 90 days target there, not something that is a long stream but these are measurable goals to meet. All de best.

    1. Hey B!

      Yes my age is real haha!
      I agree! I got a long long way to go from here. Thank you for your encouragement as always, it definitely helps going through this journey. This journey I am excited to chase after is not as easy as I explained nor mediocre/’safe’ journey as many people are undergoing.. I sometimes wake up and find myself a little crazy too! But rat’s race is for rats and I want to be the cheese on the mouse trap so I can smirk at them trying hard.. Kidding! I wanna be the Garfield cat! How I wish to retire like him HAHAHA 😀

      The IA

  2. wOw wOw…my salute to u…only 20 yrs old and you are making your life coutns.

    Trust me, u will reach there by 35 yrs old with compounding effect, do aim higher.

    Random guy who is turning 25 soon

    1. Hey Teng!

      Appreciate your acknowledgement, I am trying my best as far as I can tell but I can never do it alone. I need people like you and many other bloggers’ experiences and knowledge companying me to walking up this steep slope of life. It’s not easy but I rather try and regret not trying because it’s what I want, at this moment itself.
      Wah, if I really reach there by 35 years old, it will be a dream come true in advance. If it happens, I wish to share my miracle to people like me with big dreams and burning ambition to stand out from the rats race!
      Definitely will aim higher, as I will keep my goals in check and review occasionally so I won’t get stuck and not progress 😀

      As for you, I believe you have loads of experiences and knowledge in your hands already and I just got a feeling you’re a very generous guy with a wide and solid social circle so I’ll give you this cookie of wisdom in case you needed it:
      ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’ -Jim Rohn

      The IA

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