Q1Y15 Missions Review; Q2Y15 Missions Genesis

Time really flies, more than a quarter of the year has passed. Have you even accomplished one of your New Year Resolutions or have you given up on them like you’ve always been in the past?

Resolutions are nothing but little visions, which are also futile, up until you realise one thing- each realised vision grows you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Maybe even better. So step up your game, put on your helmet and complete that goal you’ve been half-assing right now!  👿

Let’s see how I’m doing with my Q1Y15 Missions, shall we?

Q1Y15 Missions:

  1. Increase income streams to three (Currently enjoying four income streams of varying consistency and amount, which I hope I’ll get the chance to share with you guys soon)
  2. Interview at least one entrepreneur (Had great fun interviewing a local rising entrepreneur. See post: A Comprehensive Interview with The Forex Trader from Singapore)
  3. Read and learn all I can about coaching profession (Studied as much as I could about Life Coaching and even tried attending a trial session of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Course. To conclude, I feel that I’ve to gain more experiences in life/careers before I will be able to embark this journey smoothly. Time will tell 🙂 )
  4. Organize ‘business meetings’ with entrepreneurial friends (Managed to organise two business meetings with one of my best buddy where we pitched our ideas and trend findings. These short sessions have taught me to open my mind to new opportunities a huge lot)
  5. Excel in current specialist course towards a 3SG rank (Currently still undergoing the course and expected to pass out by September 2015!)
  6. Save at least 40% disposable personal income, donate the rest to FFTH Singapore (So far with taking a private rank monthly allowance of $480, I’m paying for AVIVA insurance ($30), SAFRA Membership ($50), parents a form of filial allowance ($80), saving $200 a month and spending the rest- which is not even enough for me to live like a decent xiao boss, oh and also a compulsory $0.50 magazine send to my house every month 🙄 It definitely is difficult for me to donate a considerable amount to FFTH SG for the time being..)
  7. MOTIVATE MORE READERS! (You’re the judge. I did well so far, right? 😳 )

See how I managed to accomplish so much with a span of 3 months? (I got shocked as well frankly speaking but gotta stay calm and continue the post like a cool boy) It might be the ‘Mission’ wording hype, or the ‘Quarterly goals’ logical setting, or most likely because of you readers that I get the motivation and excitement to execute my plans towards these missions! :mrgreen: Thank you guys  :mrgreen:

So what’s next? For now, I can only think of the following missions for Quarter 2. But as we go along, I might add them live on the Goals Page as well.

Q2Y15 Missions:

  1. Nurture, stabilize and grow the current four income streams
  2. Start sharing every analysis and trades(FOREX, Stocks, ETFs) I take
  3. Start reading up on creating a privately managed fund
  4. Widen my network with people having common goals as me

That’s it for this week 🙂

The Independent Abecedarian

3 thoughts on “Q1Y15 Missions Review; Q2Y15 Missions Genesis

    1. Hello SG Physiotherapist!

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m flattered, but anyone who know me will know that I’m just born a big dreamer haha.
      I have been supporting FFTH SG (Food from the Heart Singapore) since I found their existence. Previously, I was donating to World Food Programme (WFP) and did not realise Singapore has or even needs one of these organizations. After all, I thought that we are a first world country with one of the best health care infrastructure and one of the richest countries in the world with exceptionally high GDP per capita etc…
      When one day by coincidence I found out about FFTH, I did some research online on their background and gave them a call to learn more about them. That’s when I realised Singapore is not as we think it is. Poverty still exists. Hunger still lingers.
      I realised that there’s no reason why anyone couldn’t have daily adequate nutrient intake to keep themselves healthy. Everyone should be given a chance to become someone.

      So I’ve made a promise to myself to fight against hunger. And it shall all begin here, in Singapore. 🙂

      “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”
      – Mother Teresa

      The IA

  1. Hi IA,

    Thanks for replying, I will go find out more about them. Indeed there are many who are still poor and homeless. It is our moral responsibility to bring them along with us when we do better. Good job in what you are doing and may you influence more to do the same.(:

    SG Physiotherapist

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