What is to come in 2016? An Insane 2016!

It has finally come down to the end of the year and it just feels like two months ago when I just wrote my resolutions for 2015.. I’ve learned so much over the past year that no words could accurately describe the maturing of my thinking and mindset. Honestly to me, these experiences are priceless and something I really appreciate.

So allow me to express my gratitude to each and every one of my blogger friends, blog comments, Facebook fans, blog followers and the people who emailed me, who has been supporting The Independent Abecedarian for the past year. I am confident to ask of everyone to look forward to 2016 as it will be an insane year for my subscribers and myself. I will be pushing harder to provide the absolute best content I can do to motivate, educate and share in order for you to become a richer person!

Having surpassed 500,000 hits this year at The Independent Abecedarian Blog, I’m aiming for an ambitious 700,000 mark for 2016. What is the purpose of a goal if it’s easy, right? I want to show that if I can hit this goal by the end of 2016, nothing is impossible as long as one works hard. Same goes for you too, for any type of goals you’re setting up.

One of the many things I’ve learned this year is to Declutter and Simplify. For investing, for goals setting, for life problems, and even for the solutions of problems, simplicity really helps with focusing on actual key tasks. You can expect my blogging style to become simpler in 2016. 🙂
The best way to attain a rich life is to achieve the ultimate goals (Lifelong missions) we set, which I didn’t thought of it last year most likely because I’ve got a long to-do list last year. I amend my mistakes, and reach my ultimate goals (Lifelong missions), I’m going to take as big step towards them as possible.

My current Lifelong Missions:

  1. To own a sea-view penthouse
  2. To own a convertible supercar
  3. To work from anywhere as a trader/mentor
  4. To have a million dollar portfolio
  5. To experience the world with family and friends
  6. To find/co-find a successful company
  7. To push my readers towards a rich life
  8. To help alleviate child hunger and poverty

Hence this year’s missions for me are:

  1. To find the best penthouse location and costs to allocate capital for it
  2. To test-drive a convertible to see if I will really like it and the cost of one
  3. To improve my annual capital returns to 20% by trading FOREX and stocks
  4. To move around and find the best portfolio allocation that suits my style of trading
  5. To visit two new cities with family/friends
  6. To open my mind to new opportunities and ideas
  7. To write at least three posts in each category
  8. To set up and lead a fundraising campaign successfully

Needless to say, I am super duper excited on my plans for 2016 and I can’t wait to reveal them! Let’s just stay patient for now and enjoy our long weekends first alright  :mrgreen:

Once again, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, also a big heartfelt THANK YOU for the on-going support!

And as I always quote,

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Together, let us make 2016 the most insane year ever!
Take action, Follow my blog, Like my Facebook Page and comment your 2016 resolutions down below! We will head back here in a moment of exactly 370 DAYS. 🙂

The Independent Abecedarian



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6 thoughts on “What is to come in 2016? An Insane 2016!

  1. I hope you do make mission 2. happen and then scrap your corresponding life-long goal and spend the saved money on 8. instead.
    Driving a convertible in Singapore makes little sense. It’s way too humid, too sunny, and at each traffic light you breeze in the nice exhausts from lorries, buses and taxis (not to forget all the other exhaust from petrol powered cars, which just don’t stink so badly but are equally unhealthy).
    By the way, do you remember the driver’s face of that sporty convertible you ogled the other day? Exactly. So don’t buy the convertible for the wrong reasons. People just don’t care about you. They might glance at the car and shove the driver straight into a certain mental drawer without even taking a proper look.

    The Gandhi-Quote reminds me of another similar one accredited to him:
    “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

    In that sense have a great 2016 that shall bring you closer to your goals.

    1. Hey Andy,

      I get what you’re trying to say. No doubt, I will make my 2016 mission No.2 come true so I can rethink about it like what you said. I too want to allocate as much as I can to Lifelong Mission No.8 !

      No doubt you’re spot on, I’ve been factoring in all the cons that you’ve mentioned. I don’t want to go into the technical terms on how crazy technology nowadays can counter those arguments, but if there is this one thing you have in you, you will understand the crazy supercar enthusiasts like myself.
      Supercars to us, can be described as passion or even a way of living. Especially not just seeing, but owning one. It will do such a tremendous impact on our life fulfillment & accomplishment, much more than you can imagine hahah!

      I don’t care how people think about me driving it, or if they remember my face even. What I care is that it is what I want. And I will do whatever it takes to get it (of course as moral and ethical as possible hahah) as it is me that is responsible for my life regardless of anything in the world.

      Gandhi is spot on too. We might think there were only a couple of big decisions in our lives but truthfully, all the decisions no matter big or small, has led to where we are now.
      It’s like what the late Steve Jobs once said to the students of Stanford in a commencement address, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

      Thank you Andy for your sharing and thoughts. May your 2016 be the best year thus far! Make it an insane one alright? 😉


  2. I like your ambitious goal there.

    Keep it coming and try those out. Some may suit you while others will not. Keep them coming and changing. Goals move around and they are not static. You will realize what is important to you as you grow older (apply to me as well)

    1. Hai B!

      Thank you man, your 2016 resolutions are awesome too! I’m sure you can hit $2K/month by end of 2016 with some additional savings and your newfound trading skillset 🙂

      Hahaha appreciate the fact that you noticed I did some changes to my lifelong missions since last year! It has been a really long year and great to know you!

      I see what you mean, and I am sure I will learn much more this year onwards since I’ve just opened my first account 😉 talk in whatsapp cause I haven’t got time to write a post about it yet hahah

      The IA

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